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Coming features

Multi language support

With our speech-to-text feature, you can speak in any language and receive a detailed transcription.

Export to Notion

Convert all your voice notes to text and export them to Notion

Transcription boosts

Improve your memo transcription with auto-generated titles, translations, summaries, key actions, and to-do lists...

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Looking for a specific feature that is not listed here? Feel free to contact me at: bertrand at nicelydone . club

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Frequently asked questions

Use our free tool to convert your voice notes into text
Record your voice memos and get an accurate text transcription that you can use where you want.
You'll be able to import your audio files and get the text transcription.
Our tool uses advanced algorithms to transcribe your voice memos into text. Just record your voice memo and let the tool do the rest
We e working on it! You shoul'd be able to export your transcribed memo text in your Notion account (in a database)
We don’t store your files unless you want to. All files are automatically deleted after transcription is completed and are not used to train AI.
Absolutely! Our tool supports voice notes from all devices. Just record your voice note from your phone and get the transcribed text.
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